Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We're HERE!

We made it to New Orleans for The Special Event Show! Thought it started out rough since we did not have a reservation at the Hilton (that's what happens when you do online booking!). Then this morning my shower was cold, didn't think hotels ever had cold showers, but this one did! Lucky for Addie and Michelle that I warmed up the water heater for them because they had hot showers. Then to make matters worse, our hotel WAS NOT connected to the Convention Center even though it is the HOST hotel. We had to walk five blocks down the street to the Convention Center only to find out that the Embassy Suites is right across from the street. So we checked out of the Hilton and moved to the Embassy Suites. So now we are saving money on the hotel, valet parking fees and as an added bonus, we have Continental Breakfast! YAY! Life is so much better now. We are so excited to be here to learn new trends, see new sites, glean new inspirations from the Exhibitors and so much more.

Looking forward to tonight's cocktail reception to see all of our friends in the industry from around the nation. Tomorrow will be even more fun because we will be attending the VIP Wedding Luncheon....will blog tomorrow about that!

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