Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The First Birthday Party!!

I can’t believe it’s almost here- my baby girl’s first birthday party!! Of course you know I never do anything small-it’s just not in my nature {or Social Butterfly style :) }! So Juliana’s first birthday is going to be no different. I decided on the theme of “Alice and Wonderland & the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.” Since this is a party primarily for one year olds, I had a lot of ideas and activities that I knew Juliana and her little friends would LOVE based on this Disney classic. And Jules loves her tea set so it was the perfect theme for a February celebration.

Here is a preview of what I’m planning as of now and there will be more to come all along the way!Location is still TBD- but I’m looking at a venue that will have the outside garden feel-inside.
Theme/Décor-although it’s Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter style, Juliana is the “Queen of Hearts” as the birthday girl and we will go with lots of reds, pinks, black and white, butterflies (of course!), hearts, roses, and crazy-off the wall touches of whimsy!
From the venue entrance guarded by “Card Soldiers” into the garden style tea party- I will have rooms that entertain all age groups at the party. Pink Flamingo Crockett for the older kids and a mystery tunnel and crawling maze for the babies will keep them active-while Alice and the Mad Hatter themselves join us for a very “UN Birthday” tea party with cake and ice cream!! I’m thinking a live bunny petting area might be a good idea as well- because who doesn’t like bunnies!!
A face painting station and a big screen with the Disney version of the movie will be playing for additional entertainment.
And here's a sneak peak at the sketch I drew for our invites and cake!
Flutter back by for the details on invites, cakes,favors and special touches I’m working on!
Eventfully Yours-Michelle


Molly said...

I CANNOT wait to see pics of this party! I know it will be amazing!!!

Karen said...

love the idea :) can't wait to see pictures

Jaime said...

You know Payton will be having so MUCH FUN at Jule's party!