Friday, January 29, 2010

How To Add Personality To Your Wedding- Part One!

At the TSE Wedding Luncheon we were treated to hearing wedding design tips from Darcy Miller, editor of Martha Stewart Weddings. She spoke about innovative and cost-effective ways to transform weddings. She said that today's top trend in weddings is personalization. Guests should leave weddings with a distinct feeling of who's wedding they just attended. Here are some cute and on-trend ideas to incorporate personality into your wedding:

1) Colors! Don't think that just because it is a formal occasion you need to shy away from your favorite bold colors. Use them loud and proud! To keep it more traditional, use a black, chocolate, silver (gray) or gold "base" color as a neutral for your palette, whichever you prefer. Then add your complimentary colors, starting with a main color accent and then adding from there as you choose. Your color choices should reflect the mood and personality of you and your event! Guests will have vibrant memories of your big day. Also, don't be afraid to play around and mix and match different shades of your favorite color!

2) Monograms! With this idea you can incorporate your personality through colors, fonts, AND design. More traditional? Use block letters or a formal script. More trendy? Create a custom creation of your initials. If you need help graphically designing your monogram, go to and request for graphic artists to bid to do your design! You can use your monogram in endless ways: a lighting gobo on your dancefloor, on your invitations and place cards, napkin rings, flower petal designs under acrylic bars, cupcake toppers and wrappers, drink stirrers... get creative! Below are two examples of a client of ours who used her monogram in a variety of cute ways.

3) Photos and Silhouettes! These are great ways to personalize weddings. Print a variety of your favorite photos of you and the groom from different stages of life; baby pictures, teen years, family photos, photos from throughout your dating years, and engagement photos. Display them in intricate and stylish frame displays around your church and reception, or incorporate as centerpieces. You can wrap ribbons around your centerpiece vases and secure photos over the ribbons. You can tie lockets onto bouquets to display pictures of relatives, pets or you as a couple. You can create photo confetti by going to to sprinkle anywhere you please. For a more traditional look, you can send in a photo of you and your groom's profiles and have them made into victorian-style silhouettes at You can use these in endless ways as well. You could even send this to your cake chef and have him or her print it on fondant!