Monday, August 15, 2011

NACE National Conference Awards Ceremony

Most companies want to be recognized for their excellence in their industry and prove it by winning an award.  The same holds true for wedding planners and event designers.  When you have worked for a year on an event and have pour thousands of hours into the planning and designing of it, you want it to be recognized as a great event not only by the guests and clients that attended the event, but by your peers too. 

Thus was the case for Laura Romanow Trawick's wedding on April 10, 2010.  Many of you have seen her wedding pictures posted all over our website, Say Yes Magazine and Facebook page and we even tried to use it to win $10,000 from Classic Party Rentals as one of the best events for 2010.  Of course if you were voting for us you would know we placed 2nd in that contest and that was a successful win in our book, especially since we were competing against a California hospital.  However, this wasn't a "panel of your peers" voting for you, but your friends and family, who love you and want to see you win.  So to submit the same wedding to the National Association of Catering Executives (an association of over 5,000 members) for an award judged by your peers and to win is like climbing Mount Everest and shouting form the top "I DID IT!"

Thanks to the following vendors who without them we wouldn't be able to produce award worthy events!
Rentals:  Classic Party Rentals - Memphis, Mahaffey Tents & Party Rentals
Florist:  L & Jay Production
Venue:  Brooks Museum of Art, Brushmark Restaurant
Photographer/Videographer:  Creations Studio
Lighting:  Moonshine Lighting