Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Glow in the Garden!

We recently had the pleasure of designing a chic outdoor wedding at The Dixon. As much as we LOVE pink (as documented in my past two blog posts), we were excited to work with a client who wanted to mix it up and use orange, brown, green, champagne and copper. The end result was a beautiful glowing wedding in the heart of the Dixon Gardens. Check out the pictures, snapped by Annabella of Asian Bees Photography!

The centerpieces inside varied from low, sprawling clusters of bouquets and candles on clean, champagne satin linens... 

... to intricate, twisted branches reaching towards the ceiling. The branches extend from gorgeous flower wreaths saturated with color. Karin Woodward with Haute Horticulture never ceases to amaze us with her gorgeous floral designs. Check out the orchids winding through the vase! For this alternate table look we added a sheer linen overlay over the classic champagne satin we used on the other look. We had to special order this overlay from Mosaic. The gold chivari chairs set off the elegant feel of the room!

Karin awes again with her creative orchid bubbles floating among her branchy outdoor arrangements. Love!

Here is the arrangement from a distance. Romantically dramatic with the height, yet organically quaint with the moss covered pot! 

A view of the outdoor cigar lounge. Outside we traded the elegant champagne linens and gold chairs for brilliant pops of orange and mahogany brown chairs. I love how the orange looks in contrast to the beautiful green trees in the backdrop. 

Another luxurious, hand-rolled cigar bar! 

Little details in the catering display. These unique upside-down cups of petals elevate the glass platform for the food display. CFY provided their couture catering, fabulous as always! 

Three romantic brass chandeliers hung down the center of the clear-top tent ceiling. The orange fabric swagging draws the eye skyward and creates a lavish frame for the dance floor. 

Here is a closeup! Again, love the orange against the trees!

The whole view of the tent. The band, Party Planet, rocked the house and got the guests dancing in spite  of the Memphis June heat. 

A cocktail table outside with a sneak peek of the orange and white lounge area. 

The orange and white lounge area provided a swanky and comfortable place for guests to chill out by the dance floor. LOVE this leather furniture from Mahaffey Tent and Party Rentals!

Unexpected and fabulous centerpieces for the long tables in the tent. The contrast of the bright flowers and cool moss mirrors the overall scene of the orange decor against the green trees. 

My ABSOLUTE favorite detail- the hand-strung flower chandelier by Haute Horticulture! This hung over the dance floor and was a favorite of the guests. 

Here is a closeup! Absolutely beautiful work by the florist. 

Thanks for reading! As always, we hope you are inspired by our designs. This event was a blast and we are so lucky to have wonderful clients who let us play! Please leave a comment and let us know what you think, and visit to see more of our work! 

Eventfully yours- Addie

Monday, June 21, 2010

Orange and Pink- Part 2!

I could not do both of our orange and pink clients justice with one blog post- so here are photos from our other orange and pink wedding! This one was at The Memphis Brooks Museum of Art. The ceremony was in the holly garden and the reception in the rotunda and Brushmark. The Bride was inspired by a hot pink pair of blinged-out Christian Louboutin shoes she picked up in Paris! She told us that the pink and orange colors conveyed her bubbly personality. Check out the photos of her wedding snapped by Donny Granger of Creation Studios!

The ceremony was breathtaking in the holly garden. Rows of white chivari chairs with hot pink bengalese chair pads lined the grass. We had these orange and pink chair caps custom made. Orange satin on the front... 

...and pink rosettes on back! 

The elaborate chair covers and caps made for a dramatic view in the ceremony area. The fabric swagging at the altar and hanging flower balls tied it all together. Thanks to L & Jay productions for the gorgeous flowers! 

Just come cute little bistros in the cocktail hour outside!

Custom gift packs for all the kiddos in attendance. 

The cake stayed classic with a white fondant backdrop. Intricately designed orange and pink fondant daisies graced a couple tiers! 

The ice cream bar boasted signs thanking the guests for making their night "so sweet." Check out the ice cream cones made of flowers! The couple gave away ice cream toppings in cute little jars as favors. 

What event is complete without a swanky cigar bar! 

The lounge furniture for this wedding was top-notch. We used three rental companies to get the looks we wanted! 

The ceiling of the tent covering the dance floor! How dramatic is that swagging? The flower ball in the center ties it all together. 

More lounge furniture and the dance floor. 

The whole outside tent area! Here is another great view of the dramatic tent ceiling. The pink flower ball from the ceiling and the orange one form the circular couch kiss each other in the middle of the room. White linens and a mix of tall bistro tables and short cocktail tables line the dance floor. Don't you just love the white chateau chairs? 

This wedding was a blast to design from concept to finish! I hope you have been inspired by our pink and orange weddings. We have been super busy this wedding season, so stay tuned for more pictures from our FAB events! If you have time to kill, check out our website at and browse through our past events. Happy planning!!!

Eventfully yours - Addie

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Orange and Pink- Whimsical Style!

We have had a hot year for orange and pink so far. Two of our fabulous clients picked this combo as their wedding colors! This is a great example of how weddings these days are all about personal style over sticking with rigid tradition. Check out the pictures we snapped with our camera! We will post the professional ones when they are ready.  We hope you are inspired!

Gorgeous tulips for the bridesmaids!!

How whimsical is this altar? Our florist, Karin Woodward, is so creative! All the flowers seem to be bowing in the direction of the couple, showing their love.  

Here is a close-up of the altar. We love the topsy-turvy flowers in the tall, dramatic vases! This is nothing like what the guests were used to. 

Ice sculpture of the bride's dog! 

What bright, happy centerpieces. We love the texture and color of this linen too! 

The orange swagging on the white tent adds drama, as do the persian lace gobo lights! The white dance floor is a perfect canvas for guests to shake their thang. 

The cake is obviously the center of attention, with the hand-strung flower chandelier meeting it from the ceiling. How gorgeous! 

What party is complete without a lounge area? We created an ultra-modern place for guests to take a load off and relax with a view. 

The tent illuminated at night. The pink and orange makes the party seem to glow with warmth! 

These pictures are just from ONE of our pink and orange weddings. Stay tuned for the next batch of color and whimsy when I post pictures from the other. What are YOUR favorite color combinations? Comment and let us know! 

Eventfully yours- Addie

Monday, June 14, 2010

Miami Chic so swoon worthy, picked it up!

Hello readers! We have been busy busy busy designing fab events this past month- so busy we have slacked on the blogging! But that is ok, because it only means that we get to blog about all of them and give y'all tons of lust worthy wedding ideas. In fact, an engagement party we did this past weekend was so chic that Style Me Pretty decided to cover it! This just goes to show you that Memphis can host events worthy of Miami Beach. Check out the details:

Keeping with the Miami Beach theme, we wanted to keep the party hot and chic with all white decor. However, pops of fuschia were in order to create eye catching details. Check out the ghost chairs (the clear acrylic chairs around the cocktail tables)- we love those right now! They add a lucite luxury to any event.  In this picture you also get a peek at the luxe leather lounge furniture. SOO South Beach!

What engagement celebration is complete without a champagne bar? The crisp and bubbly libation added such a refreshing touch to this southern summer rooftop party.  The fruit skewers added a sweet touch and the rich purple orchids pumped up the drama. 

As usual, Karin Woodward, owner of Haute Horticulture created incredible art with her flower designs. She never does the same thing twice, something we really relate to! These arrangements are definitely worthy of the "Miami Chic" description. Thanks also to Annabella Brandon of Asian Bees for capturing such fantastic images of this event! 

When it came to entertainment for this unique soirĂ©e, we had to think grand! That is why we brought up this gorgeous all white grand piano to the Madison Rooftop. The orchid heart ties it all together and makes this piano even more swanky than it was before. 

You can't get more "Miami Chic" than a Cuban cigar bar! Guests enjoyed the open air of the rooftop and celebrated a happy engagement with this luxurious treat. 

White leather lounge furniture and spandex linens on the end tables create an ultra contemporary place to chill out. The sleek lines are sexy and chic and fit right into the feel of the event. Check out the eye catching flowers! 

Speaking of spandex, check out the sleek bistro linens. Spandex is our favorite linen right now, and it hugs these tables beautifully. The white bar stools are a great accent and back up to a dramatic rooftop view! 

Stay tuned for more pictures from what we have been up to lately! As always, please message us or comment with questions about your event!  We are here to help you up the WOW factor! 

Happy planning- eventfully yours, Addie