Friday, January 22, 2010

Chic Table Decor

We are always on the lookout for innovative, over-the-top table designs. We think the possibilities are endless and with the 9 components of table design, the sky's the limit! That's why we were delighted to take a look at the table top design competition on display at TSE trade show. Check out the beautiful set ups, and use them for inspiration on designing your event!
Of course, being in New Orleans there had to be a Mardi Gras colored table. Love the incorporation of the peacock feathers and the nod to (but not blatant use of) the Fleur de Leif on the linen cap. The custom table cap is a great backdrop for the pop of the gold silverware and chargers. Gold, purple and green are such decadent colors!

This is a fabulous example of an Asian-inspired table top. Love the details of the teapot and saki bottles with cups. Colors are obviously important to play with when designing table tops, but fun, on theme accents add the finishing touches. The square black sushi plates tie it all together and the origami-style folded napkins add detail and pattern.

This beach inspired table was gorgeous. The designers used real drift wood from their beach home in Florida. Any elements from nature you can find in your own backyard will help keep prices down. Love the use of dramatic height and the white candles nested throughout the wood arrangement. The neutral shell and sand palette is on trend with the monochromatic look that is hot right now. It also looks so fresh and organic and is a nod to the go green movement, while still feeling elegant and over-the-top.

This burgundy, white and black damask table was hands down our favorite. The serpentine shape of the high bar totally stood out among the row of round tables. The custom table cap was the perfect amount of damask and the black and white accents really drew us in. Love the crinkle satin napkins folded like roses with rhinestone ties to hold them together. The tall chivari chairs were dressed in layered skirts and ties to add to the luxe feel of the table. Crystals hung from the candelabras and the entire color scheme was elegant yet modern. This was the winner of the table to competition!

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