Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tough Economic Times

Hey friends, there is no doubt that everyone is being hit hard with the recession. The event industry is feeling it to. If you are wondering you are not the only one suffering. I have heard from a lot of you that you are just as slow as we are. Michelle and I understand that we just have to continue doing what we do best, produce an awesome event regardless of the budget and let God do the rest. We know that God has blessed us with our business and we know he will continue to do so as long as we continue to give him the Glory for our success. God Bless!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Thief in the Bride's Room

So you would think a church wedding would be safer than an offsite venue. You couldn't be more wrong. A few weeks ago I was coordinating a wedding and after I got the bride down the aisle I decided to go back into the Bride's room and hang out for the hour long mass. I'm not Catholic so it is hard to get into verbal chanting of "Priase be to God," etc.

Anyway, I go back to the room that is all of 50 feet from the Santuary and realize that someone has locked the doors! Ughhhh!! So I'm pondering what to do for the next hour since now I can't check my emails on my cell phone when all of a sudden the doors are unlocked from the inside. I'm a little confused and then hear the side door to the Bride's room open and the ladies room door open (it is right next to the Bride's room in a little hidden hallway). Hmmm, what is going on!!

So I peek my head into the room and noone is in there. Then I decide to peek my head around the corner where the ladies room is and as I'm doing that a thug of a man (cut off blue jean shorts with holes and a white Hanes t-shirt) walks out of the women's restroom! I said, "Hi" and waved at him. He never answered and just kept walking away from me. So I walk into the Bride's room and realize that OMG, I think he was trying to steal money from their purses. I check the Bride's purse and her wallet is open and then look at her sister's purse who I saw zip up and it is open. I am STUNNED! I sit down on the couch and call my husaband.

As I am explaining everything to my husband the door creaks open and it is the same man again. He quickly looks down and grabs the trash can by the door and shakes it and leaves (like this is fooling me!). I tell my husband what just happened and he says what if he comes back to hurt you and then steals the money. Now I'm FREAKED out! What if he does. Everybody is inside the sancutary and I'm by myself. So I get off the phone and scramble to find a suitcase to put all the purses, gifts, etc. in. I take them into the sancuatry with me and guard them. Now I have to sit through the mass - ughhhh.

If you think the stories over, think again!!! So I'm dying to tell someone but have no clue as to who to tell. Then walks in these two official looking ladies (they had church badges on, dead give away) and I decide to go and tell them what happened. I took them back to the room and explained everything that happened. They asked me to wait so they could go get their head administrator. So he comes into the picture and I tell him everything. This is when they drop the bomb on me - it is their NEW MAINTENANCE MAN!!! They had been having some money come up missing in their school class rooms and they couldn't figure out who was doing it. Now they knew who it was.

To my suprise, the guy comes sauntering in like he had done absolutely nothing (this time wearing a blue jean button down shirt tucked into his cut off jean shorts). He turns his back to me and I'm pointing at him to show them who it was that I saw coming from the ladies restroom. They nod their heads like yes, that is the maintenance man.

So I came to rescue this time (wasn't so lucky myself a month earlier when my wallet was stollen from an event!). The bride was not missing any money and neither was her sister. I'm glad this one had a happy ending (at least for us, maybe not for the thief!).