Friday, January 15, 2010

Can't wait to bring new party ideas home to Memphis!

Elegant yet trendy...Posh!

Well we can tell the Recession has hit the industry at this year's tradeshow. Three years ago in L.A. there seemed to be endless vendors. This year, the show was much smaller, although some of our favs were back and looked great! Despite the smaller size, we still found some great ideas to bring home to our clients.

So many choices!

We loved all the great new lines of designer linens and chair covers. New colors, textures, fabrics and shapes jumped out at us and we are excited to put them to use. There were also lots of cool new vendors offering party activities and entertainment! Can't wait to see them all in action with our clients and introduce these new trends to the Memphis party scene. Get ready Midsouth, the Butterflies are poised for yet another year of creative, trend setting design and innovative party ideas! Check out some of the stuff we loved:

Bedazzle my Bon Bons! Super yummy chocolates and lollypops with extra glam

Loved this frame as a photo op at receptions

So many new textures, styles, and chair covers!

Loved the whimsical feel of these lamps

Stay tuned for more tips, ideas and trends from The Butterflies...

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