Friday, February 5, 2010

Wedding Personality Tips... Part 2!

If you remember from last week, I wrote about tips to add personality to your wedding. Well, here are some more! Get creative, and most importantly, let your true self shine through to really WOW your guests...

4) Candy! By now, everyone knows about candy bars and how cute and fun they are at weddings. Why not take them a step further by personalizing the wrappers! Try again and see who can create custom wrappers for a good price. They make fabulous favors, and you can share your favorite candy flavors with guests! Play up your colors with a monochromatic look like the one below!

5) Theme! Theme weddings are not for everyone, but when done right they can be downright FAB! The key is to keep the theme tied into your passions as a couple and who you both are as people. You must also keep details thoughtful, personal, and not cheesy. Focus in on a couple of your favorite details about a theme and keep it simple yet memorable. Darcy Miller spoke about a nautically themed wedding for a sailing-enthused couple that was recently covered by Martha Stewart Weddings. They incorporated the nautical alphabet (the colorful flags) to spell out quotes of love and the couple's names and family names. Classic nautical ropes were used as accents and of course navy and white were used as the backdrop for the brightly colored nautical flags. The picture below is from a wedding featured on the Martha Stewart Weddings website.
6) Food and Drink! Cuisine is a wonderful way to add personality to your reception. Think about your favorite foods and offer them in creative ways to your guests. Are you a late night eater? Serve a snack late in the evening such as milk and cookies or the classic PB&J. We have passed out sliders for clients or personalized ice cream bars. Are you a soul-food gal? Offer a mashed potato bar or shrimp and grit martinis. A popcorn bar is a fun alternative to a candy bar, or create a junk-food bar to indulge the guilty pleasures of your guests. A signature cocktail is another way to add personality. You can even have a his and hers! You can serve you and your groom's favorite cocktails, or research colorful and tasty exotic drinks to offer guests. Then create a custom name for the drink and frame it on the bar. This can be a way to punch up an open bar, OR a great way to add a liquor option and save money on a beer and wine only reception. Check out the cute s'mores bar below! Making your food an activity is always memorable AND yummy....

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