Monday, February 8, 2010

Viking Lord meets Southern Damsel

How do wedding planners help clients decide on the theme of their wedding? They listen to what they like to do, see, where they live, hobbies, etc. and help them design their wedding around the things that are important in their lives. Take for instant one of our brides who is a Southern Girl by birth (loves Magnolia trees and Cameos) feel in love with a Viking Reenactor. He gave her a leather bracelet, silver ring and the key to his heart. So we combined the two into one event. Here is how!

FLOWERS: Using green moss, trees with white flowers cascading (Gardenias which look very similar to Magnolia blooms) out of a tree trunk and using black lava rocks as one centerpiece. The groom is from Iceland and they have one beach that is nothing but black lava rocks and the other side of the country is a beautiful lush green landscape. Another way is we are using the Viking braid (this is the braid that is on the bride's leather bracelet and silver ring) by using the design on the outside of the wooden boxes that will hold green wheat grass and flowers. These are the lower centerpieces for the reception centerpieces.

The brides bridal bouquet will be tied with ivory ribbon secured by a baby blue cameo to match the blue cameo she is wearing on her dress.

Karin Woodward of Haute Horticulture is also making a floral swan like this one from Preston Bailey's Celebration book for one of the food tables because the Yellow Billed "Whooper" Swan is a tourist attraction in Iceland.

The florist is making a floral shield with this crest design (the same design for the groom's cake) and we are going to use it as the centerpiece on the fireplace.  The groom is also making a wooden shield with his crest to go under a glass piece as the centerpiece for the guest book table.

VENUE: They booked the Teton Trek Exhibit at The Memphis Zoo. Great lodge/log cabin interior, huge rock fireplace, rustic furniture, giant waterfall, and Timber Wolves to make you feel you stepped into an Icelandic lodge. They will get married in front of the Giant Giser (Old Faithful) because they have tons of gisers in Iceland. They actually have one place over their that is called The Blue Lagoon which is fed by hot steamy gisers.

CAKE: One side of the bride's cake will be a lace design and the other half separated by a white fondant ribbon (cake is a baby blue fondant) will be the Viking braid going around the edge of the tiers. The grooms cake will be a replica of his Viking shield.

INVITATIONS: Baby blue card stock with ivory wax seal of the blue cameo at the top of the card. The header of the invitation will be the Viking braid and the wax seal on top of the braid. Each piece of the invitation set (i.e., rsvp card, thank yous) will incorporate the braid and cameo in different directions so that each card is different but using the same idea.

CATERING: All I'm going to say is that I'm glad they decided not to do "Blood Pudding," but stick with a more Southern menu!
I can't wait to see all the pieces of this wedding come together. I will post some of the pictures after the wedding.

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