Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Tea Party & Such…..
So we are getting closer to the very “Un-Birthday” tea party and I’m more excited every day! Here is a glimpse of what I’m doing for décor and event design at the wonderful venue- La Pavillion.
I’m planning on having a card solider at the entry way with my signs stuck in red paint cans that say “This Way”, “That Way”, “Yonder”, and “Up”- and hopefully 2 large rose bushes with red roses-to bring the movie to life before my guests even walk into the door!

The adult tables will be in black and white damask linens with red and pink accents in my fun center pieces. The center pieces are going to be custom made Feaux-Mad Hatter tea cup lamps! Stacks of tea cups and saucers glued together with a funky decorated hat as the topper! I have 3 different lamps in each room. With the party on the eve of Valentines Day- I’m trying desperately not to use too many fresh flowers- for budget sake and to push me to be more creative for all those people who don’t want to do flowers for events J The long children’s table will be decked out in fuchsia satin linens and have an array of tea pots that I’m hand painting (yikes!) along with some fun candy made birthday hats. I’m using Styrofoam cones and gluing on colorful candy like jelly beans and red hots-in all kinds of fun designs- topping them with cotton candy and marshmallows! Another fun center piece you can do for any party theme- with out using flowers.
Each child will have a heart themed tea cup with a tag that says “drink me” and we will serve a kid friendly version of sweet tea in the cups J I’ll have some non-sweet snacks for the kids that say “EAT ME” as well- so we don’t over load them with sugar too much!
I’m going to hang the favors on the backs of the adorable white chairs that will have red satin bows tied on the backs of them-so little and cute!
Our cake table and food tables will be in red and fuchsia coordinating linens and I have some large red and white polk a dot tea cups on saucers that I’m going to fill with roses for centerpieces. I will probably do a tree in the center of the food table-like the one Alice sits under and climbs on in the movie-for some height- and hang butterflies from it-of course!!
I have two rooms for games- one for toddlers and one for big kids. The toddlers will have a rabbit hole to climb through, giant tea sets to play with and a fun elephant game that blows butterflies in the air that they have to catch with nets! The big kids will be battling it out in a game of croquette!
Alice and the Mad Hatter-themselves- will show up in the beginning of the tea party to sing Happy Birthday and offer face painting for the kids. And the movie will be playing the courtyard on a big screen for anyone who wants to watch it. I do have one special surprise that will happen during the Birthday Cake portion of the party-so stay tuned to hear all about that and see pics!! The kids are going love it!!
I will have one room set up in the back of the venue for opening gifts- so I can use bean bag chairs and Juliana’s special pink chair for her to sit in- for all of that action (which I admit I dread the most-we do NOT need any more toys!! J )

Knowing your audience/guests is important in planning any party and keeping kids at a long table for too long is a train wreck waiting to happen! So the party will be short and sweet (1 ½ hours) and we will keep them moving so they don’t get bored!

Now you have almost all of the party details and low down on my décor!
So much to still do and so little time-but my hope is that not just Juliana-but all the kids invited will never forget such a fun party. That is truly why we do what we do- we love creating memories and over the top events do just that!!
Go be inspired and throw a fun party today!! And blog all about it when you do- I can’t wait!!
PS- a great option for entertainment at parties is having a party hat station for guests to decorate their own hats!! Any theme can be done and there is a fabulous company that can help pull all of this together for you or your clients-!! That is where my pic came from-check them out!

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