Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It’s Tea Time!

We are only 3 days away from our “One”derland birthday bash and I’m making major progress on my lengthy “to-do” list!! Of course-I have made some revisions in the décor along the way so I’ll give you an update on that and a sneak peek of what some of it looks like!

I have been painting tea pots and yard sticks and the card soldier-and glittering all the little place cards with the children’s names on them until the wee hours of the morning! I can’t wait to see it all come together after all this DIY work :)

Here is what I have changed: Instead of a large tree as my table centerpiece- I went with the stacked tea cups and fabulous hats as toppers (3 of them). These turned out so cute that I changed my mind on the tree.

For the kids table- I found 2 over sized party hats and embellished them with pink feathers, glittered hearts, and pom-poms instead of making candy cone shaped hats. This saved me time and money!

I also have a variety of tea pots that I decorated (found them at the thrift store) to scatter about.

For the adult table centerpieces I decorated 6 fabulous hats and will place them on red & glass hurricanes-on top of a square mirror surrounded by some votives. I decided not to use tea cup stacks for all these tables mainly because I have no clue what I would do with that many after this party-and it would have taken a ton of cups and saucers to do 6 tables plus the 3 for the food table.

The card soldier is so cute- I still have to add legs and arms which will be red gloves and red paper gift bags glued to the base (anchored with rocks down inside the bag). And I’m going to find a sphere that I can put an upside down heart on-so he will look just like the one’s in the movie!

The grand entrance will consist of the card soldier, directional signs and 2 cone-topiary style trees that will be adorned with red roses.

The fun little details that have been tedious are my favors and place cards. Each little girl will have a tea pot with her name on it, tied to her furry purse (filled with heart shaped playing cards, jewelry, bedazzled heart shaped sunglasses, heart shaped compact mirror, and a candy ring).

For the boys- I have actual playing cards with their names on them-tucked into the side of their black top hats. A favor bag will sit underneath it with play candy watches, round shaped playing cards, little monster squeakers, and some fun dip.

Food! Other than cake and ice cream for all-the adults will also have 2 dips (Pimento Cheese Bake served with Pepper Jelly and a Cold Spinach Dip served in a sweet bread bowl) a fruit salad, and a bruschetta bar (so guests can choose their own toppings). I will have a coffee/tea bar along with some iced tea & cucumber infused water as well.

The kids will have pizza rolls, sweet mushrooms (made from heart shaped marshmallows and pretzels) and butterfly shaped crackers decorated with easy cheese. Very simple, kid friendly snacks, all the perfect size for tea and little hands. Red, pink, and white tea cups will also be a take a way item and what their drinks will be served in. I’m doing a decaffeinated fruit tea for the little ones.

I decorated some cute red and pink baroque fames with glitter that will contain food descriptions. TIP: It is important to let your guests know what they are eating! Food allergies are prevalent and you want to prevent any unfortunate incident from happening.

I will also put the “Eat Me” and “Drink Me” tags on all the food displays, in keeping with our movie theme!

I will do a post on Sunday with all the pictures from the party-so you won’t have to wait in suspense until next Wednesday! ;)

I really hope you have some fun stories to share on how my ideas gave you inspiration to create a fabulous party or event of your own! Thanks for fluttering by each week and stay tuned for my next topic- “Meet Mahaffey!” (an upcoming open house for a rental company Social Butterflies is designing/ planning).

Have a Very Merry Stupendous Day!!

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