Monday, February 15, 2010

Juliana's "One"derland Party Pics!!

Jules' is now One! I'm so excited to report that our Very Merry Un-Birthday Bash was a huge success!! We had an absolute blast and I was so proud of all the kiddos- they were very well behaved for tea!
Here are all the pics I promised to post- sorry they are a day late-I'm still exhausted and have not had a moment to catch my breath. TIP:This is the MAIN reason you should always hire a party planner-so you can truly enjoy your own event or your child's party- and not have to sleep for a week to catch up afterwards!! As a Party Planner-I don't have the luxury of getting to hire someone nor would I be able to surrender that much control since I know what I want and how I want it. But for anyone that does not do this for a living- it's so worth every penny to hire a professional to take care of things for you and make sure you are making wise decisions financially. Not to mention all the time that you will save on set up and break down!
Enjoy the pics and give Social Butterflies a call to help you with your little flutter's next birthday celebration-we would love to make every moment unforgettable and over the top!
Ta Ta!

PS! I'll post the professional pics by Creation Studios as soon as I get those-I know they will be so much better than what I took with my camera!

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