Thursday, January 19, 2012

Let the 3rd Birthday Party Planning Begin!

My sweet little Jules is turning 3 and of course we are planning a fabulous party to celebrate it! This year she is old enough to tell me what she wants so we agreed upon "Tinkerbell- Pixies and Pirates".  First things first- let the invitation hunt begin! It's very hard to find a character invite that is not a huge image of the character flat printed on a card. I agreed to Tinkerbell but DID NOT WANT THAT KIND OF PARTY. Not that there is anything wrong with it but I'm all about the details and creativity so I'm not looking for a party in a box situtaion. So here I am again designing something myself.  The past two parties I have drawn the artwork and had a friend spruce them up on on the computer for me. I spent way too many hours glittering or hand cutting them in the past so I wanted to go more simple this time.  My good friend Claire (who used to own her own stationery company) helped me and we created some "Fairy" cute invites that Jules loves and so do I.

With a little time, some creativity, and good friends anything is possible! I found lime green glitter paper at our local Hobby Lobby and used it as the backing for the card. The next layer (used for printing the text)was made out of lilac shimmer cardstock (bought at Expedex). We used a Disney font on her name in keeping with the Tinkerbell theme.  The actual "Tinkerbell" part of the invites was the hardest part of the process! I found dimensional stickers (because you can't copy tinkerbell and reprint it since she is copyrighted to use on each invite. I had to go all over the city to Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and even Target to get enough of them. For some added detail we used a Martha Stewart Corner Punch "Cherish" on the corners of the lime green glitter paper.  All the layers were glued together by glue dots. They were sealed inside pink shimmer envelopes and mailed to all the little pixie's and pirates.

Super easy, way better than a generic printed card, and affordable- not to mention my little Pixie loves them!  Definitely recommend a good DIY project from time to time.  Stay tuned for more party planning and details!


PS:  My friend and graphic designer Heather (who actually did our Social Butteflies website) came to the rescue when Claire's computer died with our artwork on it (moments before we were going to print them!) She laid out the invite and I had them printed and cut at Office Max. Phew!!! Nothing's ever that easy- right!??  Thanks Heather!!

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Molly said...

They turned out great!! I let Pixie Sloane open it, and she asked if she gets to be Tinkerbell at the party! Lol!!