Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Technology Inspiring New Ways of Communicating Design Ideas

As I was working on an award submission and it asked me how I achieved my goals of producing an amazing event, I realized that communicating ideas to our brides and they in turn provide us with ideas has become a lot easier and more on target than in the past.  I can think back to when there were no cell phones (I know that is admitting I'm old!) and how hard it must have been to give clients a vision without drawing something out or tearing out thousands of magazine pictures (I know we all still do this!), but with smartphones, the internet, Pinterest, Facebook, Google, etc. the possiblities of showing clients and clients showing the professionals what they like and want has become amazingly easy.

I have absolutely, and most of you all have too, fallen in love with Pinterest.  I find myself sitting on the couch spending more time looking at the wonderful pins than the TV show I'm suppose to be watching.  Do the TV executives know that we are looking at our iPads or iPhones instead of the commercials advertisers spend tons of money on!

If you haven't become a follower of Pinterest and you are looking to get married in the near future, it is a great tool to use to help your planner know the ideas you like and love.  You can even search for specific ideas and there will be numerous boards with those ideas.

I find myself looking for the next cute saying or sign on Pinterest.  I'm amazed at so many awesome ideas for storage, organization, dinner ideas, desserts, kid games, etc.  I think my favorite category is Women's Apparel and Hair.  Love all the clothes combinations they give you.  For those of you who lack style - take your iPhone and take a picture of the clothing combo and shop around till you find all that the combo suggests.  Wala! 

Martha Stewart is an icon and visionary, and we have looked to her for so many cool ideas and inspirations...one can only imagine that the person behind Pinterest was an avid follower of Martha!  Facebook was smart to join up with Pinterest because it is the next generation of social media!