Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Wedding Planners are more than coordinators, they are visionaries who are able to take your ideas and style and make your event uniquely yours.  How do they do this – they customize it with details! 

First off let’s dispel the notion that your budget doesn’t allow for a wedding planner to customize your event.  Any number of social magazines will tell you that one of the first steps in planning a successful event is to set a budget, but for some reason, most people assume a planner is not included in the budget.  Why is that?  Because they aren’t a necessity like a caterer, entertainment, rentals, etc.?  Is it the fear that the money you could have spent getting the band you wanted is now going to the planner and you have to settle for a dj? 

For those of you who are stressing over the work load of planning an event, a planner is most assuredly in the budget and you shouldn’t have to forfeit your desired vendors!  A good event planner will account for their fees in planning your budget.  In order for this to work though, it is best to let your planner know those services that are most important to you so that they can plan the budget around those vendors.   They will also be able to take the budgeted services and give you vendors that not only fit your personality but your budget too.

Another great perspective on hiring a planner is that they know the local vendors and national vendors’ inventory and should know who has the best price for the items in your budget!  Why rent linens from a NY company and pay shipping if a local rental company is willing to purchase the same linen and add it to their inventory, and thereby saving you a shipping fee!

Most importantly, a wedding planner will be a good negotiator and hopefully negotiate better prices for you because of their previous relationships with the vendors; so much so that it might eventually pay for the planner via discounts and allow you to afford the details that will set your event apart from the others!

So now you can stop stressing about your party and budget and focus on the custom details that make your event all YOU and the talk of the town!  Here is a list of details that you can use to customize your wedding and make them unique to your event:

Courtesy of Ramblin Rose Photography

      Custom Invitations - This is the first thing your guests receive so why not start here with customizing your event!
      Decor WOW them with custom lighting, specialty linens, chairs, furniture or props – and   if you can’t have all of it, at least do lighting – lighting can transform a room unlike any other linen or chair!
2    Alcohol – Everybody loves a signature drink, but why not go further than that and do a “cocktail pairing” with the food.  For instance, if you are thinking of doing a sushi station – add a sake drink to the station. 
4    Favors – Sometimes these can be seen as a waste of money.  However, if you make it a memorable gift, it will remind your guests of all the fun they had at your event.  For example, at the end of the night if you are using a valet company, leave them a nice gift in the seat of their car so it is one more surprise for them as they leave!
5     Entertainment – How can you make entertainment a custom detail?  Are you an Elvis lover?  Why not give your guests the famous gold sunglasses while the band/dj is playing one of his songs and during the song have the caterer do a late night snack with a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich triangle with Pepsi shots (hint another catering detail)!
      Signage – Gives that personal touch to a bar, a bus sign, the menu cards, party favors, etc.

Details can make all the difference in an unforgettable event and an even that is “just nice.”  So think outside of the box or hire an event planner who can help you decide which details you need to do to make the most impact. A successful event is one that leaves a lasting impression on your guests and has them talking about it years after it is over!