Monday, June 14, 2010

Miami Chic so swoon worthy, picked it up!

Hello readers! We have been busy busy busy designing fab events this past month- so busy we have slacked on the blogging! But that is ok, because it only means that we get to blog about all of them and give y'all tons of lust worthy wedding ideas. In fact, an engagement party we did this past weekend was so chic that Style Me Pretty decided to cover it! This just goes to show you that Memphis can host events worthy of Miami Beach. Check out the details:

Keeping with the Miami Beach theme, we wanted to keep the party hot and chic with all white decor. However, pops of fuschia were in order to create eye catching details. Check out the ghost chairs (the clear acrylic chairs around the cocktail tables)- we love those right now! They add a lucite luxury to any event.  In this picture you also get a peek at the luxe leather lounge furniture. SOO South Beach!

What engagement celebration is complete without a champagne bar? The crisp and bubbly libation added such a refreshing touch to this southern summer rooftop party.  The fruit skewers added a sweet touch and the rich purple orchids pumped up the drama. 

As usual, Karin Woodward, owner of Haute Horticulture created incredible art with her flower designs. She never does the same thing twice, something we really relate to! These arrangements are definitely worthy of the "Miami Chic" description. Thanks also to Annabella Brandon of Asian Bees for capturing such fantastic images of this event! 

When it came to entertainment for this unique soirĂ©e, we had to think grand! That is why we brought up this gorgeous all white grand piano to the Madison Rooftop. The orchid heart ties it all together and makes this piano even more swanky than it was before. 

You can't get more "Miami Chic" than a Cuban cigar bar! Guests enjoyed the open air of the rooftop and celebrated a happy engagement with this luxurious treat. 

White leather lounge furniture and spandex linens on the end tables create an ultra contemporary place to chill out. The sleek lines are sexy and chic and fit right into the feel of the event. Check out the eye catching flowers! 

Speaking of spandex, check out the sleek bistro linens. Spandex is our favorite linen right now, and it hugs these tables beautifully. The white bar stools are a great accent and back up to a dramatic rooftop view! 

Stay tuned for more pictures from what we have been up to lately! As always, please message us or comment with questions about your event!  We are here to help you up the WOW factor! 

Happy planning- eventfully yours, Addie

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