Monday, June 21, 2010

Orange and Pink- Part 2!

I could not do both of our orange and pink clients justice with one blog post- so here are photos from our other orange and pink wedding! This one was at The Memphis Brooks Museum of Art. The ceremony was in the holly garden and the reception in the rotunda and Brushmark. The Bride was inspired by a hot pink pair of blinged-out Christian Louboutin shoes she picked up in Paris! She told us that the pink and orange colors conveyed her bubbly personality. Check out the photos of her wedding snapped by Donny Granger of Creation Studios!

The ceremony was breathtaking in the holly garden. Rows of white chivari chairs with hot pink bengalese chair pads lined the grass. We had these orange and pink chair caps custom made. Orange satin on the front... 

...and pink rosettes on back! 

The elaborate chair covers and caps made for a dramatic view in the ceremony area. The fabric swagging at the altar and hanging flower balls tied it all together. Thanks to L & Jay productions for the gorgeous flowers! 

Just come cute little bistros in the cocktail hour outside!

Custom gift packs for all the kiddos in attendance. 

The cake stayed classic with a white fondant backdrop. Intricately designed orange and pink fondant daisies graced a couple tiers! 

The ice cream bar boasted signs thanking the guests for making their night "so sweet." Check out the ice cream cones made of flowers! The couple gave away ice cream toppings in cute little jars as favors. 

What event is complete without a swanky cigar bar! 

The lounge furniture for this wedding was top-notch. We used three rental companies to get the looks we wanted! 

The ceiling of the tent covering the dance floor! How dramatic is that swagging? The flower ball in the center ties it all together. 

More lounge furniture and the dance floor. 

The whole outside tent area! Here is another great view of the dramatic tent ceiling. The pink flower ball from the ceiling and the orange one form the circular couch kiss each other in the middle of the room. White linens and a mix of tall bistro tables and short cocktail tables line the dance floor. Don't you just love the white chateau chairs? 

This wedding was a blast to design from concept to finish! I hope you have been inspired by our pink and orange weddings. We have been super busy this wedding season, so stay tuned for more pictures from our FAB events! If you have time to kill, check out our website at and browse through our past events. Happy planning!!!

Eventfully yours - Addie


Witty Whitfields said...

Love it! Very pretty! We did our reception in pink and orange! The colors are great together!

Social Butterflies, LLC said...

Glad you like them!! We love them too. Just goes to show that your wedding should be about your personality and what you love! Thanks for commenting!

Luke Wright said...

Do you know what material they used for the ceiling?