Friday, May 7, 2010

Go Green!

Green is on of my favorite wedding colors right now. I LOVE the idea of using varying complimentary shades with white, slate grey pewter neutrals. Kelly green also looks great with black and white! Keep it luxe with rich satin and pintuck linens, or fresh with wheatgrass accents and pops of yellow. Check out some ideas!

Think of creative ways to tie in the color. Fruits such as granny smith apples and limes are creative and inexpensive ways to add color. Use green everywhere form the signature drink to the florals to the candy bar to the lighting. Accents that go great with shades of green: 

Kelly green and fuschia: 

Kelly green and turquoise: 

Green and yellow:

What other color combos do you like with green? Comment below and let us know!

Thanks for reading, and happy planning! 

Eventfully yours- Addie

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My Little Cupcake said...

Hey Michelle. I love green too! How about a monochromatic scheme with white. I think green and white looks very clean. Also, pale sage green and lavender or even a brighter green and a violet purple is gorgeous as well.