Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Old Hollywood Glamour - Butterfly Style

In meeting with the board from Memphis Area Home Builders Association (MAHBA) at the Germantown Performing Art Center (GPAC) a few weeks back, it was an easy decision to go with an Old Hollywood theme for their  Vesta Designer Home Show VIP party because GPAC lends itself to that type of atmosphere.  As the guests arrive to GPAC, they will be welcomed by a search light (can't do Hollywood without a search light) and STAR steps like you are on Hollywood Boulevard leading into the lobby!

The lobby is going to be transformed into Marilyn Monroe's boudoir with all the decor in white - from the leather couches, to the white draped walls and the feather palm trees.  On the white draped walls between the bars will we suspend poster size pictures of famous Old Hollywood Stars!  Marilyn herself will be showing us her famous move from "The Seven Year Itch"!  Above the lobby we will have a jazz trio playing some of Old Hollywood greatest sounds - those of Sinatra and Dean Martin.

As you leave the lobby area you journey back to the auditorium where the stage will be transformed into the piano bar.  With the black curtains dropped and the tables all done up in red and black, it's hard to mistake this for anything but Old Hollywood style.  We are using giant red rose balls on the tables with small table lamps for the cocktail tables.  Thankfully GPAC owns black chairs which fit perfectly into our theme colors.  To add more ump (if that is a word!) to the look of the design, we are using the overhead par cans to project red lights on the floor.

To make sure you don't lose your way in GPAC and possibly miss one of the other decorated rooms, we are using all black drape down the hallway.  Which of course takes you to the next stop, the Green Room - The Martini Lounge.  GPAC has already decorated this room with very contemporary colors (reds, greens and blacks) which makes it easy to leave as is and just add a bar to the atmosphere.  We are going to adorned the glass table in the room with a relish tray to go with our martinis.  And not to leave out the best detail - we will have a beautiful lady sitting in a giant martini glass adding the olives to the martinis and then handing them to the guests!  I have a feeling this might be the guys favorite room!

Last on the trip down the hall is the Black Box - or as we are putting it, the Rat Pack Lounge.  Inside this great room, the black curtains will be drawn and you will be enticed to sit on one of the silver leather couches.  The bistro tables will be adorned in black linens and tied with a silver sash.  They will also have the silver/black lamps on them to give that Old Hollywood feel again.  The food table will be adorned with square crystal chandeliers.

We can't wait to get the opportunity to present all these ideas to the MAHBA board next week.  Let's hope they love it as much as we do!  Below is our inspiration board we are using for our meeting.

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