Thursday, August 20, 2009

No Such Thing as a Perfect Wedding

So is there such a thing as a perfect wedding with no mishaps? There are probably a few, but for the most part, there is always, at least one thing that will go wrong during the wedding weekend. For instance, take a recent wedding we had.

The clients were from out of town and so when they got to town they were going to apply for their marriage license. However, because they had so many things to do when they got to town, and had to added stress of dealing with a troublesome transportation company, they forgot to do it until the night of the rehearsal, when it was to late. There is a great story to this (and it will be in the next stay tuned).

Anyway, so that was the first thing to go wrong, then the next day as we are setting up the reception site, the elevator goes out an hour before the guests are to arrive. WHAT! Oh no, we have to get 200 people up a fire escape to get to the sit down dinner, are you kidding me! The elevator man said that the oil had leaked out and that the hydraulic system that pushes the elevator up would not work without oil and it would have to be fixed after the wedding.

So surely there shouldn't be anymore problems right, wrong! Right after the guests arrive, a water leak is coming from the 3rd floor where the dinner is. A water fountain is leaking water all over the floor. The water is coming down in a steady stream into the ballroom in the middle of the room! The best part, the door where we you go to turn the water off to the fountain is locked. Yep, you heard correctly. Can't turn the water off because we can't get to it! We had to have a catering server kick the door in so that the plumber could get into the room. We finally get it to stop and about an hour before the event is over, it finally stops raining water into the ballroom, where we are having the rest of the reception.

I hesitate here, because honestly, I don't want to scare you anymore, but alas, we had a couple other problems. One of the bistro bars fell while guests were sitting at it and all the glass vases came crashing down to the floor. Had to clean that up and fix the bistro. Then I'm informed that you can't get a martini glass underneath the martini luge because the glass is to big and the space is too tight. So your telling me we can't even use the martini luge because the ice carver didn't carve a big enough space to put a martini glass under? Does this make sense to anyone else? If you ask for a martini assume you are going to use a martini glass, right! Of course, we turn our new intern into a Tini-server, whereby she stands by the luge, fills up a highball glass and then pours the contents from the glass into a martini glass. The upside, the ice carving was beautiful.

So I conclude with this, are weddings perfect, not every time. As much as we want them to be and even though great planning is involved, there is always some small glitch in the day. Please understand that usually not this many things happen. It just seemed to be one of those days where it seems nothing is going to go right. The bride and groom had a wonderful night despite the problems we encountered. So be prepared and roll with the punches!

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