Thursday, August 20, 2009

...and that's where we come in!

So now you have a strong example of a real-life event and all the mishaps that come along with it. It's only natural that a certain amount of things go wrong when working with such a magnitude of vendors and details. However, just as no venue is flawless, no mishap goes un-fixed with The Butterflies!

Yes, we work tirelessly to secure every detail, light every votive, book every vendor... in short, bring every last vision of your event to a gleaming fruition. However, that's just the start, the warm up. One of the biggest reasons you need a coordinator is damage control. Do you want to stand under a leaking ceiling, Vera hiked up, missing the Cupid Shuffle, holding a vase to catch the water droplets? We think not. Or do you want to send your favorite Aunt Lizzie on a Crown Royal run when the top shelf bar runs low on supplies? Nuh uh. And forget about asking the best man to be on "martini patrol" if the ice luge is not as functional as you intended.

Enter: us.

This is why we are here! We can do our best to make sure we go over pictures with the florist and pastry chef, book the transportation, and type up six copies of a minute-by-minute itinerary to give the band. But with that many people working together on that many things, mess-ups are inevitable. Good thing you hired us to smooth everything over, confront the vendors, and pour you more champagne. We'll even find the spare key on your front porch and locate the forgotten marriage license on your book shelf in the nick of time. Just another day at the office!

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