Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Come One Come All- to Juliana's 2nd Birthday Carnival!!


Well this is LONG overdue to say the least!!! :) My sweet baby girl turned 2 this February and I threw her a fun Birthday Carnival to celebrate with family and friends! And I'm just now recovering 4 months later to write about it-ha! Just kidding- it was really easy this year thanks to a great team of friends/vendors!

This year, I did not spend the many hours working on details that I did for her first birthday. Mainly because I did not have the time! We had a huge wedding the end of January that consumed me so thankfully this theme didn't require as much of me ;) I did design the invitation with the help of my good friend Natalie Chang.                                 
 I always enjoy sketching out Jules' party invite because it gives me inspiration and gets me all excited about the details immediately! So, Natalie takes my sketch and makes it into something way more fabulous than I could ever imagine! The invites shimmered with pixie dust (clear glitter) and had orange and white striped envelope liners with the return address as a "ticket" stamp. It's the little things right ;)

The most amazing thing about her party this year was my good friends Kristin and Joe of Zipario's Catering, did the food!!!!! Having your party catered is really the best gift you can give yourself and your guests ha! It takes the stress level down about a million notches for me- and then I get to focus on the details and making things cute! Zipario's did an incredible job and my friends and family have not stopped talking about how delicious and abundant the food was ;) Your mouth is going to water when you see the pics!


The party was held at our new home in Germantown. We moved about a year ago so I wanted this to be our first big shin-dig at our new house. However- our house is not a Big Top tent- so my dear friends at Mahaffey Tent & Rental Company "pitched" in to create just what we needed! Our back patio became a Carnival tent with games,food, and a balloon artist and our sun porch and living room housed the photo booth/desserts/face painting/ and favors. We even played carnival tunes of course.

Let me take you from start to finish so we can cover all the details :) Large Polk a dot Balloons tied to our mailbox signaled guests to our house. As they approached our front porch- there was hot pink and orange fabric swagged curtain style over the doorway and a floral Clown on the door. Haute Horticulture (my florist!) did the flowers and never ceases to amaze me! I know Karin thought I was crazy when I asked for a Clown's face made of flowers but as you can see- she is good at that kind of stuff! She also did some popcorn boxes of yellow carnations that we tied HUGE balloons to so they looked like Hot Air Balloons!                  

Inside, the favors lined my dining room table. 9' of large Polk a dot balloons attached to clear take out boxes of animal crackers. Labels reading "Thanks for Clowning Around at Juliana's Birthday Carnival!" adorned each one.                          

In the living room- a red and white striped photo back drop was set up with props such as clown wigs/noses/glasses/boas/fairy wings ect. for everyone to enjoy. This was also part of my plan for thank you notes- I sent guests the pics they took with a thank you note after the party.

The Popcorn Stations were also set up in this room- popcorn chicken and actual popcorn in multiple flavors. Above my fireplace hung a large painting that was a replica of her invitation. Thanks to my good friend Claire ;) She whipped it out in no time so my mantle would match the party!! I LOVE that I'm so blessed with such creative and talented friends!!   

Onto the Sun Porch.... desserts and sweets galore!! Pink Cotton Candy, "hot dog" cannolis, cupcakes, and a smash cake for Jules. I had a lot of fun with the cupcakes and did mini ice cream cones, pop corn buckets, and cherry limeade's- they were delish!! I made special cupcake collars for all of them and used striped liners to keep with the theme.The smash cake was a really large cupcake that looked like a "big top" tent. Each child got a "Big Top" sippie cup with their name on it to drink out of at the party and take home later.

The face painting station and Pasta Bar were also in this room. I used a lot of paper decor which made it bright and fun! Streamers everywhere... and also artwork all over my windows and bathroommirrors just for fun!                                                         

Outside, under our "Big Top" was where all the action was. The balloon artist was a big hit with the kids and created everything their hearts desired! I did a few other games that were more for two year-olds and not really competitive. I had a "Treasure Hunt"- which was simply a sand box w/ buried treasures; the "Hungry Elephant" game- kids fed the elephant peanuts through his trunk for a prize; and last, the "Bean Bag Toss"- a Huge Clown that you tossed bean bags into his mouth for a prize.
It was perfect- just enough and very simple so the kids could just play.    

The food outside was amazing!! From the slider station to the grilled corn- everyone felt and ate like they were at a real carnival.

I did have a drink station in my kitchen which worked nicely (Lemonade/Sweet Tea/Cokes) with fun cups and straws for the adults.

We didn't open any gifts at the party because the kids were having so much fun with all the entertainment that I didn't want to make them stop! After all, the only one that enjoys that is the Birthday Girl and she was busy the entire time!

All of the event was captured by my good friend and super talented photographer- Donny Granger. THANK GOD!!! I think I took two pictures of my own (which even when I know I have a photographer I always take my own pics too!). He's awesome and you should totally have him take pics for you so you can enjoy yourself like I did! I'm so grateful for the amazing vendors I call friends- they helped make such sweet memories for my family and little girl... and hopefully for all the guests that came too!!

Keep your eyes open for an article on Juliana's party this summer in Tennessee At Home, Magazine!

And give us a call if we can help you plan a special party for your little ones! We would love to!


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