Thursday, April 8, 2010

Facebook Reunites Again!

I know there are so many stories out there about people reconnecting after so many years because they found each other on Facebook.  I am so glad to say that I have been reunited with my best friend from 8th Grade!  We first ran into each other when our oldest children attended the same elementary school, but then I moved away and we lost touch again.  But then Facebook became a phenomenon and we reconnected again!

So why blog about a Facebook reconnection, because she is getting married this September and I am excited to say I am helping her plan her big day!  When I saw her adorable save the date had a turquoise ribbon, I couldn't wait to see if she would accent it with red!  Needless to say we had some opposition from the groom who wanted a lighter color, so we compromised and are doing turquoise/pool blue, red and pink!  Below are the turquoise/pool blue, red and pink inspiration boards.

She is going to wear her fabulous red heels with her wedding dress and then change into a red dress for the party part of the reception.

The reception location has a pool so we are going to float some red and pink rose balls in the pool with candles.

The gazebo she is getting married under is going to be draped in pink and red since it is white.

The aisle runner is going to be either pink or a custom red rose aisle runner.

Inside we are going to have pool blue satin overlays with a white base linen.  The chairs will be white chair covers with pool blue satin sashes.

Centerpieces will be tall clear vases with giant red rose balls and smaller pink rose balls on the tables.  Some tables will have a tablescape of pink rose balls and turquoise squatty vases w/roses coming out of them.

The dj is going to adorn the walls with pink, red and blue up lights.

For the groom we are going to do.....hmmm I think this was suppose to be a surprise, so I better hold off on saying in case he reads my blog!

So anyway, I so excited to be helping Wendy & Andy with their dream wedding.  Can't wait to post pictures of their September wedding.

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