Monday, March 22, 2010

Lighting- Bang for your Buck!

Hello readers, happy Monday! Today I wanted to discuss how simple up-lighting with colored gels can add OOMPH to your event for not much dough.

The world of event lighting is filled with endless possibilities. From the complex custom gobo designs (those light patterns you see splashed across dance floors or walls) to the simple pin light on a cake, lighting ups the drama and will help transform your event. However, if you are intimidated (cost and design wise) by all these options, you should still not nix the option of lighting. A couple simple and affordable can lights with color gels are a wonderful way to:

              - Incorporate your colors
              - Create a party atmosphere
              - Transform a dull wall into a vibrant accent
              - Re-invent your event space as the night transitions

The last bullet point is a great one. Events happen over the course of a few hours and include various activities, i.e. wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, dancing. Why not change the look and feel of your various event spaces for each activity? An easy way to do this is with a flip of a switch to change your lighting. For example, if you want a naturally lit ceremony before sundown, keep your lighting off. Move everyone to another area for cocktail hour while you re-create the ceremony space by turning on colored up lights, and ta-da! Your WOW factor has skyrocketed as the guests make their way back inside for the party. Lighting is an easy and cost-effective way to keep 'em stunned and talking with just the flip of a switch.

For help harnessing the design power of lighting, call the Butterflies! We will help you wow your guests and get the most for your money.

Happy planning! - Addie

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