Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Calling all Recessionistas!

In this economy, many brides-to-be look at their budgets and to-do lists for the big day and think, "It's worth it to me to do all this myself and save money by not hiring a coordinator." Sound familiar? Well, at first glance that thought makes perfectly rational sense. These days, any way to pinch a penny is a good way. Right?

The surprising answer is: wrong. Even the most savvy, stylish, DIY brides could save a dollar or two by hiring a coordinator. You might think this sounds counter-intuitive, which I guess it is. Why would paying someone else to do something you could do by yourself save you money? Allow me to explain...

The first thing any new bride should do is construct a budget. This budget should be broken down in categories such as "catering," "venue," "invitations," "florals," etc. However, how does someone who has never planned a wedding before know how much to allot to each sub-category? In addition, how does the bride know she is getting a good deal on all of these aspects of her wedding? Or even whether or not who she hires is trustworthy and the best in the biz? This is just the beginning of where we come in. It is in any bride's best interest to call us before she starts one bit of planning. We have done this countless of times, and we know how a budget should be broken down like clockwork. We will listen to what is most important to you and arrange your budget accordingly. We will actually SAVE YOU MONEY through our insider's ideas and tricks of the trade. We have spent years building up fabulous relationships with all of the best vendors in town. Not only do we stand by the quality of the vendors we recommend, but we know their pricing down to the dollar and ensure you get the best deal possible. And, if for some reason you are not happy with any vendor, we will deal with them and save you the headache, and get you back what you deserve.

If all this does not convince you to sit back with a mimosa while we take care of your fantasy wedding- I have one more kicker. Because of our relationships with the best vendors in the area, we also get discounts from them. Discounts that, more often than not, end up paying our fee for us. Which means, in the end, you do much less work, have much more fun, allow us to take care of everything, have a transformed event that will WOW every guest, tighten your budget- all for the cost of your original budget. Call us. Now.

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